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Motorcycle Safety Classes

I was reading a motorcycle forum article, a woman had taken a motorcycle safety class and how one of the instructor's wasn't being professional. According to the article, this instructor was allowing mistakes not count against a person's score. That truly upsets me. I was a nationally certified instructor and I never allowed mistakes to be ignored during testing. We are talking about people's lives and that should never be taken lightly!! That instructor wasn't helping anyone out, be over looking mistakes. Those mistakes could cause that person to have an accident because he/she didn't know the correct procedure.

I'm not acting "high and mighty" but I know what it feels like to have a student pass (by a hair) and talk to that student about not being road ready. Taking the time to sit down with the student and discuss ways of going about working on her motorcycle skill and then find out... 30 days later, her boyfriend bought her a motorcycle and they left the dealership riding their motorcycles, a motorcycle she wasn't ready to put on the road, within 30 minutes of leaving the dealership, she had an accident and was killed instantly...

She wasn't ready to ride that motorcycle on the road! They should have trailered the bike home and then began learning to ride her motorcycle in a safe place. I read somewhere that most accidents occur within 6 months of getting a motorcycle. Everyone needs to get the feel of motorcycle that they are riding. This is one reason that I emphasis "Safety First" always, that includes your motorcycle and your safety gear.