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Nike Shox Turbo+ 10 Review - See Inside For the Nike Shox Turbo+

The Nike Shox Turbo+ 10 running shoe provides a well thought out design and has very good technology to go with it. This running shoe has been made for the neutral to under pronator. This is because it has a well designed heel to absorb shock and to reduce stress on your heel when you run.

What I do like about this running shoe is the way the mesh is designed, in a way its unique compared to many other trainers out there. The mesh on the front is made out of synthetic overlay which makes it have this modern, simplistic design. One thing that doesn't look simplistic is the technology on the spring heel; the spring heel is there to take the impact of shock upon landing so you have a comfortable run.

It has a pretty good durable component as well with the BRS 1000 carbon rubber and solid rubber outsole being added into the mix. This carbon rubber is much more durable than other versions present in the Nike Shox genre and does a good job at staying in its shape.

One of its features that I like the most is its Nike+ technology where you can add items such as the Nike sensor into its cushioned collar in the running shoe. I think this is handy as you can track your progress when you run and see how many calories you have burnt or miles you have run etc.

Overall the Nike Shox Turbo+ 10 offers a good run with its responsive ability and also with its well cushioned and durable heel. Nike technology should also be looked at if you ever decide to buy this running shoe.