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The History of Custom Art And Patronage

In the art world, there is a popular saying that art is "custom art." Many of the great artists had a patron in order to create an artwork for him and that too for a definite purpose. Nowadays customers are doing the same thing by making a request for creating customized artwork for themselves. and it becomes the duty of the artist to create it.

A still greater difference between the two of them is that today almost anyone is able to approach an artist and make their request. With the advent of the internet, you can now make this request via the website. It may be possible that you are buying or renovating your house or you may simply want to decorate it with an artwork. You can even be a business owner who wants some piece of elegant art to decorate your offices. For any such purpose, you would have to find and artist who will be able to do the work for you. Your taste or purpose is no criterion for them provided that your requirement is being fulfilled by the artist chosen by you, all that you want.

In the past, the Kings and Pope's patronized artists, as well as musicians..

The patronizing of artists and musicians from the ancient times till today was very important in the history of art. It took place more often in medieval and Renaissance Europe,

Only wealthy people are able to patronize such artworks. Most of the art work has been started by those people who wanted a visual representation of themselves. Artifacts often serve as state and family records. Portraits have indeed made the rich and powerful more famous. But with the passage of time all sections of the society have made beautiful portraits of their families and colleagues.

Most of the patrons used patronage to "cleanse" their wealth which had been stored away as ill gotten wealth using the medium of Art. Art patronage also patronized religious art. Examples can be had from the Roman Catholic Church, and others who sponsored art and architecture so that they were able to decorate cathedrals and churches. Patronizing art was in vogue for a long time. It was only relatively recently that it had been forgotten in the study of art history. It is true that much of the art which we see in history has been made possible due to the patronage of these individuals.

The patronage of art in its historical and traditional forms ended in the 19th century, with the rise of the middle class and capitalist social forms in Europe. With the advent of the museums, mass audiences, and large scale consumption has now replaced the old system of patronage. These days' patrons have changed, from aristocrats to state governments and from churches to charitable institutions.

Thus, it can be seen that the patronage of Custom Art and Paintings has been going on for a very long time only that the method of patronage has changed with the change of times.