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Watching Movies Online As A Social Experience

Television programs and movies appear in multiple channels these days - on television, in digital download formats, in streaming formats, in a blu-ray disc, or in the traditional VCD or DVD format. These formats can be generally categorized into two different groups.

The first group allows viewers to watch the movies and content passively. That means there is very little or no interaction with the outside world. Watching movies on the television falls under this category.

The other category allows views to watch movies, and at the same time, interact with other viewers. You can only do so, when you watch movies on the internet. There are a plethora of websites that will stream high quality videos at no cost. That means anyone with an internet browser, and a high speed connection will be able to watch movies online for free.

Just a few short years ago, movies still need to be downloaded to the hard disk before they can be watched. A complete movie will require somewhere between 700 megabytes to 1 gigabyte of hard disk space. So that means either you have to have tons of storage media to store all your movie files, or you will have to constantly delete some files to make space for new movie files.

Streaming videos, comparatively, is a much better option. There is no need to download anything. Hence, this eliminates the need for (sometimes costly) storage hardware. Besides, videos are always streamed directly from community sites. Community sites are very popular because they allow visitors to interact with one another in various ways.

To start, one will have to sign up for a free account. Once logged in as a member, a web visitor may then choose to leave comments, write reviews, bookmark their favorite videos, share their own videos, and more. This is a unique experience because never before has any other form of technology been able to achieve this.

As a result, more and more movie fans choose to spend more time online for a more interesting and exciting experience. Community sites allow people of the same interests to band together. They can watch similar movies, comment and discuss about these movies, and basically make friends with other movie fans.

Videos and movies that are posted on the internet also give the community a chance to "vote" for the content. This is something like a silent vote. If the community likes a movie, it gets spread around very fast on the internet. The number of comments and views for this particular video will also sky rocket. On the other hand, if a movie is not accepted by the community, it will have a hard time gaining popularity, and will most likely sizzle out in a few short weeks.

The internet has enabled movie fans to watch movies with someone halfway across the globe. This completely new and unique social experience has proved to be one the most interesting and exciting experience that cannot be found anywhere else. So enjoy the free movies, and enjoy the company of literally millions of movie fans from around the world.